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Clay Raquel Marketing Incorporated is overwhelmed and joyed to announce that we now make available our Prequalified Verified Property Investment Purchasers name lists to our established licensed clients in Toronto.

For the last twenty five years Toronto has consistently been judged highly in the list of best cities worldwide in terms of where to make the best property investments.
Toronto has consistently proven its ability to rise above the cyclical ups and downs of the property market due to its high level of resource availability and a stable government system and its foresight in planning. In fact, Toronto beats out London, New York and even Chicago according to most studies for its strong investment potential over the past and coming decades. We believe it is important to look beyond a cities short term ability to adapt and improve and in Toronto in particular the investment opportunity is for exceptionally good real estate investment property in the long term.

Some cities that are now very popular with investors, such as New York and London, are not necessarily those that will protect capital over the long term. Although research points to possible problems with public transit in Toronto, the transportation system is still thought of as first class compared to many other cities in the world. And while some may be concerned that Toronto house prices continue to move higher at an estimated rate of more than ten percent per year, Toronto still lags behind cities like London, maybe in part because London or New York are so expensive.
New York is always ranked highly in any analysis of the top of 50 cities at adaptive ability to recover from economic downturns and natural disasters like 9/11 and Hurricane Sandy it tends to receive low marks when discussing issues such as crime, infrastructure investment, and its susceptibility to extreme weather being located right on the on the Atlantic.

Various studies comparing various cities based on different criteria, from climate to government, to planning, technology, education, funding and access to affordable housing, health care, religious and cultural freedom, and crime-free living conditions have found that the lowest ranking cities are in emerging markets, as they tend to be vulnerable to social inequality, poor infrastructure provision and environmental degradation. For these reasons Toronto remains one of the very best property investment locations worldwide.