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Clay Raquel Marketing Incorporated is very happy to make known that we now provide Prequalified Verified Property Investment Purchasers name lists to our licensed property contacts in Dubai most of which are non Dubai residents in search of property purchases for investments.

  • Dubai, United Arab Emirates is a tax-free location, with no income or capital gain tax. For this reason Dubai is extremely appealing for investors worldwide.
  • Foreign investors are drawn to Dubai as Dubai has Tax Free Zones.
  • Dubai is very accessible, with direct flights from all the major airlines.
  • Dubai is considered to be one of the most popular tourist locations with its fantastic shopping locations, five-star hotels, clean beaches and other desirable features.
  • Dubai is a very safe city with a very low crime rate making it an ideal place for families, businesses and individuals.
  • Dubai has an almost perfect climate throughout the year, with only 3 months of hot summer heat.


In comparison to other same trading locations worldwide real estate prices are considered to be relatively inexpensive. Also, there is great potential for upside appreciation, as prices have grown on average by 10% since 2011.

As we all know Real estate has always been a good hedge against periods of inflation. During these inflationary periods, which normally see increases in interest rates, charging increased rent can modify the higher cost of paying mortgages, while the value of the real estate inflates the debt may remain unchanged.

Dubai is a secure business city so rental income is a continual and while it might slightly fluctuate it is very unlikely to drop by a considerable amount. A good real estate investment in Dubai should realize an 8-10% return even after subtracting property management fees. Even after the Sub Prime Crisis of 2008 Dubai banks have now started to lend again, and as a result the number of property purchases has shown a steady increase since 2009.